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May 25 2015


Drawin Animals - How To Draw A Rabbit

Let's learn how to draw a rabbit. The drawing will be done in six steps. First step involves drawing a simple body shape. In the second step we will add the head. The head can be used as a measure, so its height we be two times smaller than the body height. We will be adding the ears in the third step, with the ears height beeing a little bit bigger than the head's. Add the hands in the next step by making their length equal to the head's depth. In step 5 let's add the eyes and the body shape. You can add some grass, also, if you like.
In the final step we will do the final sketch. Draw the nose and the mouth. Also, draw shadings to expose the rabbit's fur.
This is only an example out of many on how to draw a rabbit. As a street drawer, I like to keep it fast and simple so I can start a new drawing rightaway.

This is just a sketch, you are not involved in a competition, take it step by step and practice as much as you can. The most important thing is to have fun.
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