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April 26 2015


Measurement concepts for drawing faces from photos

Let me explain the best method of measuring in drawing faces. Probably the easiest way to draw a face is to measure it. Everything can be measured. I have learned in school, like many of you have, that to measure a certain object I have to compare it to something I have seen before.For instance, when you measure the distance from one point to another in a map using the map scale.On the other hand artists measure certain objects by comparing them to themselfs.
Baselines are also comparison plans. For instance when you compare a mouse to a leopard, the mouse is very small.But when you compare the leopard with an elephant, the leopard is not that big. Size is relative, depending on the key componenets.
When we use this plan in art drawings, we compare the baselines in the photo to another particularity in that picture.
Determining baselines. Photographs are the simplest images and easy-to-use because they are pictures in two dimensions and they don't move. To practice this measurement you will need a pencil, an eraser, a sketch pad, paper and a photograph, preferably large.
1.Establish a baseline. Select an easy to use particularity in the photo and measure it with a straight line - for instance, the width of the eye. You can cut a piece of paper to measure it.
2.Transfer the baseline with to the chosen paper. Put the measured line on your paper. The marked line on the paper represents the baseline. This line will be used to measure any other specifics in that photo.
3.Compare and measure the other aspects. Compare the proportion of one feature to the baseline. Using the marked piece - the eye - now we can measure any part in the child's face by correlating it with the eye scale.
4.Place the correct measurements. Check each measurement on paper.

So start practising, it's so much fun and try doing friends or family portratis and impress them with you new skills. Good luck!
Stay tuned for more drawing ideas!


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