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July 10 2015


How To Draw A Squirrel in 6 Steps (With Pictures)

Let's learn how to draw a squirrel. To understand this step-by-step tutorial, we will draw this animal in six progressive stages.
Stage One. In the first stage we will create the overall body shape.
Stage Two. Let's add a basic tail shape.
Stage Three. First, add the rear leg and allow for its depth to equal the top body thickness. Add the forearm, with its length equal to the tail's thickness.It's important to measure and compare a shape against another so this way you will get the right size for every shape.
Stage Four. The ear, hand and foot should be added.
Stage Five. Draw the eye.
Stage Six. In the sixth stage of how to draw a squirrel drawing guide, we will finally add the lines and shadings. This is done to highlight important details like hair and body form.

Sarah Parks, is a professional painter and a drawing teacher for more than a decade! Learn about Sarah's drawing approaches in this article and improve you drawing abilities in days!



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