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May 10 2015


Pencil drawing methods

Nowadays, professional and amateur drawers use various pencil drawing techniques, that you can easily implement in your own drawings. Some pencil marks are more popular than others. After you will master these marks you will be able to implement cool textures and shadings in your own artwork.
Hatching. Hatching means drawing parallel lines. The hatching lines must variate at starting points and end points to prevent certain hard edges from forming. Also, you can alternate the distance between the parallel lines in order to form darker or lighter areas of a certain shade.
Crosshatching.Crosshatching is very similar to hatching but over the parallel lines we will draw a second set of parallel lines, at different angles, one set over the other. For more drawing depth, feel free to add a third or a fourth set of lines and so on.

Building up layers requires more skill but its results are amazing because it involves different pencils with different graphite grades. You can master this technique with practice and good hand control. Take a look at some good tips for building up layers:
1.Start with simple light. Get a 2H pencil for this step. Pick a certain space on your draw paper and gently, scribble from right to left over a couple of inches. Halfway across, loosen up the pressure on the pencil to obtain lighter effect on the bottom side.
2.Darker lead.Pick an HB pencil and repeat step 1, only this time you will use HB pencil over the 2H pencil's initial drawing. Stop you scribbles at the halfway point for best effect.
3.Continue to darken. Take a 2B pencil, and repeat step 2, scribbling over the HB pencil drawing. When you finish you can see the obvious transition from dark to light.

So start practicing, handle everything with patience as you may need several times to master these great techniques, and don't forget to have fun.
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